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Swyftx Review

If you’re looking for the best exchange in Australia, then you probably already heard of Swyftx. Maybe it’s because of the thousands of ★★★★★ reviews on TrustPilot.  But is Swyftx right for you? Truth is, crypto exchanges are quite different – apart from just buying Crypto some have excellent trading tools while others allow you to do things like yield farming. […]

Binance Review – Australia

Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, recently expanded its reach to Australia with Binance Australia.  While there are other options for Australians looking to trade cryptocurrency, Binance’s low trading fees, high liquidity and huge number of coins mean it could make it a fit for many people wanting to buy and sell digital currency […]

Ratesetter Review – Part 2 – Things To Know About Ratesetter

In part one of our Ratesetter review, I talked about the frustration I have had personally when investing in Australia and looked to Ratesetter as an alternative. Then I showed how easy it is to sign up to and start investing. >>> If you Want to Borrow Money from Ratesetter Click Here <<< However, many questions remained. Therefore, part […]

What the LendingClub Debacle Means for Aussie P2P Lending

When the American LendingClub board fired the company’s CEO and founder in May for suppressing information about a dubious $22 million loan sale the entire Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending industry came under a cloud including the fledgling Australian industry. Questions were raised about the reliability of data that the company publishes. As a result, lenders became […]

P2P Lenders in Australia Compared

The Financial Technology (FinTech) sector in Australia is booming with new companies entering the market on a regular basis. Peer-to-peer lenders, which work in direct competition with the country’s banks, are also becoming increasingly active. A number of new P2P lenders have recently established operations with several more planning to launch themselves in the coming […]

How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works for Borrowers in Australia

Online services that match lenders with borrowers are making rapid inroads into the Australian financial markets. These companies, which are commonly known as peer-to-peer lenders or marketplace lenders, use their websites and proprietary algorithms to connect investors with individuals or small businesses that require funds. The heart of the business model of these peer-to-peer or […]

How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works for Investors in Australia

Peer-to-peer lending has the potential to bring about massive changes in the Australian financial services industry. These companies, which also go by the name of P2P lenders or marketplace lenders, have been operational in the country for the last four years but have only now started making a substantial impact. They have rapidly increased their […]